Welcome to your guide to traveling the British Isles!


Hello! My name is Dharma Bartram and I’m a senior in the UC Santa Barbara Professional Writing minor. I hope you enjoy my British Isles travel guide, focusing on London and Western Ireland. Visit the blog page to delve into some fun articles that can better inform your trip.

This website is a gift to my Dad, who fostered my love of writing and taught me how to avidly plan ahead. My parents gave me the best graduation gift I could ask for, which is a trip to London and Western Ireland for two weeks this Summer. I’ll be creating this guide particularly with my Dad in mind, thinking of his love for UFO’s, natural vistas, coffee, historical sites and Rock music. That being said, this website should be helpful for anyone interested in traveling to the British Isles.

To learn more about who I am and what I’m all about, visit dharmabartram.com!