How to Pack and Plan for Your Trip to the British Isles

This article’s intent is to provide some guidance while packing for your Summer trip to the British Isles. While there’s a lot that could be said about this topic, I’ll be focusing on clothing and convenience.

A big factor when it comes to packing clothing is weather. As Summer begins, weather in London is typically around the 60s or 70s (degrees Fahrenheit). While pleasant temperatures can be expected, so can a fair amount of precipitation with June being the city’s rainiest month. It would be advisable to be prepared for rain and gloom, but also clothing that can fare well in somewhat warm weather if it isn’t raining. This makes packing a bit more complicated but it’s important to be prepared for a variety of scenarios. It is also important to have some comfortable shoes as visiting London entails a lot of walking.

Weather in Western Ireland during the Summer may be around 60 to 50 degrees Fareinheit but, due to its coastal proximity, will likely be colder and windier. It can especially get colder in the evening and overcast should be anticipated. Pack layers, but know that the weather will not be as cold as it could be in the winter time.

Outside of clothing, be sure to pack plug extensions that work with European wall plugs in order to charge your electronics. Also be sure to pack enough travel sized toiletries and anticipate not having access to laundry. 

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