The Best Things to do in London

London, England is one of the world’s most bustling, iconic cities. When planning a visit to London, there is so much to research and prioritize when it comes to traveling there. With there being endless things to do in London, I’ve compiled a list of some top tourist attractions and fun activities to partake in.

  1. Visit the Buckingham Palace
  2. Take a stroll in Hyde Park
  3. Get a view of Big Ben.
  4. Ride the London Eye.
  5. Get high tea! This could be provided at your hotel or could be found at local restaurants.
  6. Visit the Natural History Museum and the British History Museum. 
  7. Check out the Tower of London.
  8. Tour Westminster Abbey.
  9. View the Tower Bridge.
  10. Take a stroll down well known areas or streets such as Camden, Electric Avenue, Oxford Street or Leicester Square.

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